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So you are the hottest guy in town and your plan is to get new wheels hitting the road, or you just want to paint a new neighborhood red with your old set of wheels, whatever the circumstance, you are mandated by the law to get your vehicle insured before putting it on the road. It is a complex task choosing auto insurance, since it demands that the individual carried out a comprehensive evaluation of what he really needs as influenced by the price of the insurance, his personal taste, and other needs. The simplest auto insurance policy will usually provide protection property damage, medical cost and other liability by providing different insurance packages at varying prices. Collision Insurance: though this type of insurance is not compulsory, you get compensation for any damage suffered by your car as a result of accident, in collision insurance, paying deductibles is a common feature and you might pay up to $1000, which is expected to be paid up front. If you are not at fault for the accident, you might get reimbursed by your auto insurance firm for the amount deducted. Comprehensive Insurance: in comprehensive insurance, you are compensated or reimbursed for damage, theft or loss that is caused by any other factor except incidences of earthquakes, fire, falling objects or from getting knocked by very big animals like moose, rhinos or deer. Comprehensive insurance is rarely mandatory, but the insured party will still pay small deductibles. Full compensations are in most cases paid for broken or cracked windscreens. Bodily injury: This insurance gives you or any member of your family protection in events that a third party is responsible for the injuries. It is very important to have an adequate liability insurance considering the exorbitant legal fees, and moreover, damages you have to pay if the court find you guilty. In most of the states, it is mandatory that you have liability insurance, it has been strongly recommended by the experts in the industry that you purchase an insurance which is greater than the minimum amount required by the state - Up to $300,000 per accident, and $100,000 per individual. You might also check other umbrella policies that provides additional coverage and also higher compensation limits Personal Injury Protection (PIP): This insurance type also known as medical payment is the type of insurance which pays the medical expenses of victims of accidents as well as their wages they lost through accidents Property Damage Liability: This takes care of any damage caused to other peoples’ properties or vehicles as a result of your fault. It also takes care of any damage caused by an unauthorized party driving your vehicle Underinsured and uninsured Motorist: This insurance policy gives compensation to you or any member of your family in case you got into accident with a driver without insurance. Underinsured policy gets you compensated in case the guilty driver does not have a sufficient amount to reimburse you for the whole loss. Before buying your car, not minding if it is used car or brand new, there is need for you to have a good understanding of the sticker price, the repairs costs and all cases of theft have are considered in your premium charges. Before purchasing a car, whether it be new or used, you should understand that sticker price, cost of repair and incidence of theft all factor into your premium amount. When you are looking to buy insurance for your vehicle, always endeavor to get recommendations from your neighbors and friends, get in touch with your state’s insurance department to get information about various companies and any reported complaints filed about them, and always try to get price quotes from three different sources in order to get the best. You can get discounts from many insurance firms  if your car has safety- enhancing features that reduce the possibilities of sustaining injuries such as anti-cock brakes and airbags, a record of safe driving, low mileage and for being a loyal customer. Same way, if your vehicle is insured with the same firm that insured your home, you can also get discounts. In conclusion, you should think about dropping comprehensive coverage and collision because it doesn’t make any sense in paying a premium which is 10 times more than the price of the car

Young Drivers: How

You Can Avoid a Huge

Car Insurance Bill

 Younger drivers have the highest insurance rates because they cause the most accidents. This article shows you how to avoid the high cost of young drivers insurance. Shutterstock photoOne of the biggest appeals of turning 16 is finally driving a car. Perhaps you've even saved up for years to buy one of your own. Did you account for the insurance though? On average an 18-year-old driver will pay $5,411 for a standard auto insurance policy annually. Luckily, with some prior knowledge you can avoid having to spend all that money on insurance as a young driver. Staying on Your Parents Policy Staying on your parents plan is one way to save money. Taking out your own policy, especially as a 16-year old, will be very expensive by lieu of you being a new driver, thus risky driver. With your parents on your policy, it tells the insurance company someone is willing to vouch for your risk. Make sure you understand however the risk your parents take by putting you on their policy. Any violation or accident will cause their rates to skyrocket. Discounts Auto insurance companies offer a lot of discounts that can save you a lot on your policy. One offered by State Farm, GEICO and Allstate is a “Good student” discount. If you average a B or a 3.0 in school and are enrolled full time in high school or college, then you can qualify for an up to 25% discount. We even found certain drivers could even get up to a 27% discount in Boulder, Colorado with State Farm. Another discount can be earned by taking a defensive driving course. If you’re in high school there’s a good chance your own school or one nearby offers drivers education. Combining the two discounts can remove over a third of your monthly bill. Unfortunately, not every state offers every type of discount so you will need to inquire with your company. For example, in North Carolina, State Farm, GEICO and Allstate does not have a good student discount. Click the button below to get more information about young driver’s insurance:
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